Evolve | Renaissance Hotel

 Edyta Stepien | Most Visual РCreative Director and Marrakesh TKesh Creative РProducer partnered with The Gettys Group design team to create a 25 minute permanent video installation on the facade of the Renaissance Hotel in Chicago. Evolve is one of the five videos making up the entire video content. The hotel, located at the southwest corner of State St. and Wacker Dr. has undergone a massive and cutting edge renovation and the video wall was a part of the redesign of hotel entrance. The process began in late 2014 with a series of storyboards created by Edyta Stepien that ultimately became the basis of the installation. The overarching narrative starts from particle visualization as the city is built up from elements. There is a vibrant constant movement that showcases the architecture in the immediate vicinity of the hotel. The elements solidify and familiar slices of downtown appear, the river walk area and the theater district are hinted at and ultimately fused into the experience of exploring the city.

Creative Director: Edyta Stepien | Most Visual
Producer: Marrakesh Glasspool-Frugia
Animation: Edyta Stepien
3D Modeling: Max Glascott
Editor: Charles Edward
Sound Design: Bob Garrett
Creative Consultant: Chuck Przybyl
Executive Producer: The Gettys Group | Chris McDonough, Liz Kay, Chris Garcia
Client: Renaissance Chicago Downtown | Marriott International