Fiery Trial

The Fiery Trial is a 7-minute film that was part of the “Lincoln Transformed” exhibit at the Chicago History Museum. Working with Chicago History Museum curator and Zero One producer Nat Soti, Edyta was responsible for concept development, storyboarding and animation. “The Fiery Trial” tells the story of Lincoln’s profound transformation from his inaugural promise of “leaving slavery untouched” in the South to arriving at the radical decision to free the slaves by executive order. The film won honorable mention in the 2010 MUSE Award’s video category.

Producer, Director : Nat Soti
Creative Director, Storyboarding and Motion Graphics : Edyta Stepien
Photography : Chuck Przybyl
Voiceover director and co-writer : Todd Frugia and Marrakesh
Sound Design : Robert Auguilar
Music : Zoe Keating